Hanno Koffler Born on 25 March, 1980. In 2000 Koffler played the lead role in Marco Kreuzpaintner’s TV pilot film "Rec – Kassettenmädchen/Kassetten-
jungs" ("Rec – Tape Girls/Tape Boys" – 2002). Since then he has become a regular cast member of Kreuzpaintner’s films, starring in his debut feature film "Ganz und gar" ("Bones and All" – 2003), in "Summer Storm" (2004) and in "Krabat" (2008). While playing other roles in cinema feature films ("Anatomy 2", "Hallesche Kometen" – "Halle’s Comets") and TV productions, Koffler studied acting at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. He won particular acclaim for his portrayal of a traumatised soldier in the German army as the lead in Brigitte Bertele’s debut film "A Hero’s Welcome" (2008; Franz Hofer Award and Best Actor Award at Durban International Film Festival).

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